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This morning I tried to re-load my Lydia account with my Revolut MasterCard, and the payment was blocked, for "Unsupported merchant".

I've been using both in combination for about 10 months, and I spent around 8000€ through Revolut in this time frame. I'm really surprised that they're blocking the competition. Lydia has Apple Pay, has pretty much had Apple Pay for as long as I remember, and has a huge "market penetration" in France (my country), and is pretty much used all the time between friends, much like Venmo in the US.

What the hell? What prompted this decision? Support repeated the same thing without any precisions, I'm really weirded out

What would happen if I wired transferred money between my Lydia IBAN and my Revolut IBAN ? How about topping-up Revolut with Lydia, as I've been doing for a long time?

So this is a PSA for those of you who could be interested. Revolut isn't so Revolutionary. The link is my interaction with chat support.

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Image for 'Revolut is now blocking payments to Lydia, a competitor'


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