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6 months ago

It’s been a great experience building this community but now, I’m about to move on.

Thank you all for sharing your stories & insights, I’ve learned so much from you & when I’ve not been learning, I’ve been laughing at your jokes. You made this site a pleasure to look after. I’m looking forward to see where the team takes community at 11:FS next!

I’ll still be around as a user on this site, at After Dark & if you want to keep in touch elsewhere, I’m @_alexsherwood on Twitter.


6 months ago

Best of luck @AlexS and many thanks for all you’ve done to build this community.

6 months ago

Good riddance 😂😂😂

But seriously good luck in your new role.

6 months ago

who's gonna argue with me now?! 😂

gonna miss ya buddy, best of luck in the new role!

6 months ago

Thank you all too 😄 the community would be nowhere near as good if you weren’t here 🙇‍♂️