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We’ve built Settle Up to make those IOUs between family and friends more straightforward - no sort code swapping, no awkward chasing texts, no double checking details – just a few taps and a single link, and you’re settled up.

💡So What?
  • This feature promotes Starling to new users when users send their friends, who aren't customers, the link
  • It's a stepping stone towards bill splitting
  • Starling have been rapidly adding new features to their current accounts

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Image for 'Starling launch payment requests from non-users aka'


a year ago

This is a cool looking feature but it's rumoured that almost no one uses Monzo's version..

PS - this will of course be in Pulse 🔜

a year ago

The only time I've used monzo me was to test it by paying myself.

This is one of those features that sounds cool but isn't - I think there's a thought that it will also make people sign-up as it's a cool marketing type feature. The share account details features is cool and something I've used a few times.

a year ago

Seems Revolut have joined the party too

a year ago

Again - they launched this about a month ago put the blog out + tweets then deleted everything 🤷‍♂️