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The FinTech Insider News platform is the place for people to come together and discuss what’s new and exciting in the FinTech industry. We are looking for the best stories from across the globe that will provoke insightful and inclusive conversation.

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Submitting stories

We’d love you to share the latest news, trends, topics and insights from the world of FinTech, or a financial services or banking story that has a technological angle or impact. We also encourage our members to include a comment with the link - what did you think of the story? Why are you sharing it? Do you have a question about it? Think about what may start an interesting conversation.

Try to avoid politics except when it’s of real relevance to our community, such as the impact of Brexit on FinTech or the Dodd-Frank.

If you submit a link to a video or pdf, add [video] or [pdf] to the title to give fair warning to others before they click the link and please post the original article URL.

When commenting

Be insightful, ask questions, give explanations and be polite. Truly classy people can disagree with such style that people may even think they agree with you. :)

If you want to emphasize a word or phrase, don't use uppercase. Instead put *asterisks* around it and it will get italicized. No need to shout.


You can vote on stories that have been submitted to help them up the leaderboard so more people have a chance to see them. You can also vote on comments. Please show people some love for interesting links and insightful commentary.


Anything deemed clearly unrelated, offensive or spam may be deleted without warning. We don’t want to be overly strict, but we will moderate inappropriate content if required.

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